Old Town Pour House

Ladies and gentlemen I have found what I think to be the best Bloody Mary I have tasted so far.  This twenty ounce bowl of spice and delight was delivered to my table this morning after we sat down at the Old Town Pour House.  First, let me tell you a bit about the place.  It’s down in the heart of the Old Town neighborhood just south of North Ave. on Wells Street.  This was our first visit to this establishment and it has been on my mind ever since we walked by it one morning on our way to the local bike shop and I saw the amazing Bloody Mary.

The Old Town Pour House is a sports bar with style.  They have over 90 beers on tap (so you know I will be going back to partake in tasting their selection) and I honestly could not count how many televisions they had hanging on the walls.  Along with the menus on our table they also left a TV guide so you knew what would be playing on which television.  It was a bit overwhelming, but at least they try to help you find your team.  The restaurant is quite big; decorated with dark woods high top tables throughout, giving it an old English feel.  We were lucky enough to sit at the front near the big windows facing the street, which they opened half-way through our meal to give us the feeling of eating alfresco.

First, let me let me begin with talking about the fabulous Bloody Mary I had the opportunity to drink.  Its full name is The Churchill Bloody Mary. There is a full paragraph describing how the Bloody Mary fits its name comparing it to the great man it is named after.  This drink is started with their in house mix, which was the perfect blend of flavor and spice, then topped with a skewer piercing a tender piece of peppercorn steak, a cube of pepperjack cheese, a pickled gherkin, cherry tomato and a cocktail onion.  That’s not all though.  It is also garnished with a jumbo shrimp and Slim Jim stir stick then the rim is seasoned with Chesapeake bay seasoning.  And it’s all served in a 20 ounce goblet.  Just look at that thing.  Like I stated before, this Bloody Mary is the best I’ve had since starting this blog and it’s going to take quite a bit for it to get knocked off that pedestal.

After taking in what was my drink, our food came to the table.  My wife, who usually doesn’t order from the sweet side of most brunch menus, chose the Bailey’s stuffed french toast.  I actually only got a couple of bites before it was almost gone, but I can assure you it was good.  She described the dish as being adult sweet, which I am assuming means it’s not candy sweet, but has a hint of sweetness.  I think the reason it was so good is because of the vanilla ice cream batter the toast was dipped in before frying it.  Plus the Bailey’s that oozed out with every slice of the fork.  It was also topped with a fruit compote and powdered sugar giving it a great blend of flavors.

Then came my dish.  It was simply called breakfast sandwich.  It was scrambled eggs, sausage patty and cheddar cheese sandwiched between a green onion and aged cheddar biscuit.  To be honest the biscuit is what made this sandwich.  The rest was simple.  The biscuit was perfectly dry and crumbly, which in my opinion is how it should be.  It had a great bite to it.  But don’t let the name fool you into thinking you can pick it up to eat.  It’s a big enough mess that I chose to use a fork and knife in order to enjoy it.  The dish also comes with a simple side of breakfast potatoes.

Another thing I liked about this brunch trip was the simplicity of their brunch menu.  There were only five items you could order on the menu.  You could also order from their lunch menu, but why would you when going out for brunch.  It is also evident that Old Town Pour House does beer and does it well.  Along with their food they list what beers pair well with the dish.  Even the breakfast dishes.  So if you crave a great tasting Bloody Mary and a simple menu then Old Town Pour House is for you.  If you are just looking for a great place to try a new beer and watch a game, Old Town Pour House is for you as well.  But if you go just for the Bloody Mary you won’t leave disappointed or hungry seeing how you get all the necessary food groups in one drink.

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